Saudi Arabia Receives EOI From 71 Consortia For The Yanbu IWP Project

Saudi Arabia’s Water & Electricity Company (WEC) has announced that 71 developer consortia have expressed interest in the independent water project (IWP) being set up in the Yanbu province. The last date for submitting expressions of interest was April 11.

The desalination plant will use reverse osmosis (RO) seawater desalination technology and will boast a potable water capacity of 450,000cu/m per day. The plant will take shape near the town of Ar Rayyis (140km west of Madinah), on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, while power for the project will come via the Kingdom’s high voltage network. The project is billed as a strategic one for the Saudi region.

The Yanbu Phase 4 Independent Water Project has several leading global industry experts in the advisory role, the WEC said in its statement. Read more