MENA Hydrogen Alliance

About MENA Hydrogen Alliance

In early 2020, Dii launched the MENA Hydrogen Alliance, which brings together private and public sector actors as well as science and academia to kick-start green hydrogen economies. The Alliance provides a platform for members to meet and discuss pathways forward and formulates joint papers. The Alliance acts as an impartial advisor to promote pilot projects in the region, elaborates (potential) business cases and structures for large projects, proposes the necessary policy and regulatory frameworks, and educates different stakeholders on all relevant aspects of the hydrogen value chain, from ‘source to sink’, including export of virtual and physical green energy.



  • To kick-start local hydrogen economies and explore export revenue opportunities, substituting fossil fuels and leveraging on existing infrastructure such as gas pipelines.

  • To develop the potential for local job creation and supporting education, research& development.

  • To be the voice of the hydrogen sector in the MENA region, including the private sector, public sector and academia.

  • To guide policymakers and public utilities with solid technical and economic information, such as on electrolyzers and business cases.

  • To support the variety of hydrogen applications to integrate more renewables, deindustry and transport.

  • To accelerate investments in hydrogen technologies and powerfuels.

  • To create a hydrogen community with a regional focus to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon hydrogen.

  • To help creating markets and identifying international off-takers of green molecules.

  • Creating a truly collaborative public-private ‘platform’ for discussions and for Hydrogen MENA Alliance to be the ‘convener’.

  • Connecting industry captains to provide meaningful information to members and a wider audience.

  • To create practical conditions and pilot projects to accelerate the introduction and the growth of green hydrogen economy in the region.

  • To foster international cooperation and build longterm partnerships to develop local and export market for green molecules.

  • To produce joint studies and strategic reports to guide governments and stakeholders on global policies, regulatory framework, funding mechanisms and technology development.

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Presentations of the MENA HYDROGEN ALLIANCE

MENA Hydrogen Alliance

Ralph de Haan, Director Hydrogen, NEOM, Saudi Arabia

MENA Hydrogen Alliance

Andrea Lovato,  Vice President and Head of Renewable Development, ACWA Power, Saudi Arabia

MENA Hydrogen Alliance

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary General, Hydrogen Europe, Belgium

MENA Hydrogen Alliance

Ad van Wijk, Professor, TU Delft, The Netherlands, Member of the Dii Adv. Board

MENA Hydrogen Alliance

Mohammed Ghazali, Secretary General, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment, Morocco







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